About Us

為生命填上色彩 、替環保盡點心力
Founded on October 10, 2009, LI COH TRADING CO., LTD has strived for continuous
advancement in top-notch technology incorporating with the world-class eco-concepts. With the determination to maintain product quality and stability, competitive pricing and devoted service attitudes, aim to create a more competitive product for our clients. Moreover, LI COH actively participates in various forms of technological cooperation with domestic and global educational institutes. We also have outstanding performances in international trading; our high market sensitivity and response rate results in a more well-rounded operation, which builds LI COH’s core values and competitive advantages.

LI COH provides coloring materials and applications to domestic and global markets. The covered industries include commodity, auto parts, inductive materials, plastics, construction materials, gloves, fibers, electrical wires, sporting goods, leathers, ink, paint, nano inkjets, stationaries…etc. In addition, we are also the distributor for the Japanese company Sumika PC and provide high quality industrial raw materials to domestic and global optical lenses industries. We have received outstanding recognitions for the high quality and stability delivered. LI COH has also started to actively establish innovative alliances with Japanese IT semiconductor companies to further expand our market coverage.

LI COH has established a great trusting foundation with our clients; not only do we provide high quality products at competitive prices, we provide sincere and professional services to our clients. We hope to have a long lasting relationship with our partners and clients, and expand our business to a global scale on the basis of solid customer relationships and interactions.